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Listen Up! Techweek’s Diversity in Tech Summit

Date: July 6, 2016 Author: Megan McCann Category: Diversity Tags: , Comments: 0

You may have heard how amazing Techweek 2016 was, but have you had a chance to listen? Whatever you have in your podcast or listening cue right now, hit pause and put Capital One’s Diversity in Tech Summit on next. I was in attendance as five impressive speakers (activists, entrepreneurs and engineers) offered personal, powerful stories on how technology has created opportunities for them. Thanks to Techweek and Capital One, you too can listen and learn from these inspiring industry leaders. Here’s my quick listening guide for each talk and how much time you need to listen.

Sandee Kastrul, President, i.c.stars (10M to listen)
Hear Kastrul’s story of learning her most important leadership lesson (“leadership is making opportunities for others”) and founding one of Chicago’s brightest and best engines for tech talent development and diversity.

Barbara Ross, Technology Director, Capital One (10M to listen)
Hear how intellectual curiosity and the determination to do what people told her she couldn’t (“girls don’t do math”) helped to shape Ross’ impressive engineering and computing career.

Robert Maino, Automation Engineer, Capital One (8M to listen)
Hear the story of Maino’s early career start at Capital One through the organization’s Autism @ Work internship program. Discover how Maino channels his “selective gift” for greater career productivity and success, as well as his path to becoming an autism in tech advocate.

Dominic Liddell, Founder, Tech While Black (7M to listen)
Hear Liddell’s story of how his life changed after getting his first desktop computer, the challenges of growing up as a “black nerd” on the West Side of Chicago and how his technology skills opened up a new world of access and opportunity to him during his time of gender transition.

Dave Saboe, Master Agile Coach, Capital One (9M to listen)
Hear how Saboe’s life changed after his spine was irrevocably damaged and how he taught himself to embrace the challenges his paralysis presented as opportunities to learn and grow. Find out why Saboe believes “diversity is our superpower and inclusion is our imperative.”

The Panel (14M to listen)
Listen in as the audience and moderators ask the Diversity in Tech panel questions about their experiences and how to better address and advance diversity in technology.

About the Author

Megan McCann is an established IT recruitment leader in Greater Chicago who developed a unique, collaborative approach to IT solutions and talent services. Megan and her team integrate themselves fully with each client to truly understand the company, its culture and its needs. By focusing on matching the proper consultant to the right opportunity and establishing a strong cultural fit, Megan and her team drive incredible results for her clients.