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EVENT: McCann Partners to Sponsor Chicago .NET Developers (Downtown) Presentation

Attendees will learn how to use existing ASP.NET MVC skills to create RESTful services with ASP.NET Web API.

When: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where: Echo Global Logistics, 600 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 725, Chicago, IL 60654

Building RESTful HTTP Services Using ASP.NET Web API

The consumers of our data and application logic are vast. They include internal and external consumers, web, mobile and traditional clients, and span many platforms, vendors and technologies. Providing API consumers RESTful HTTP services can help you reduce some of the pain associated with reaching this diverse set of consumers. ASP.NET Web API is a technology that helps reduce your pain when creating these RESTful services. In this session, Eric D. Boyd will walk through ASP.NET Web API and show you how you can use your existing ASP.NET MVC skills to create RESTful services with ASP.NET Web API. From there, Eric will show you how you can take more advanced control with content negotiation, hypermedia, OData support, security and self-hosting your services.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of ASP.NET Web API
  • How to get started creating RESTful HTTP services using ASP.NET Web API
  • Advanced RESTful service scenarios using ASP.NET Web API

Additional Information:

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Speaker Bio:

Eric D. Boyd is the Founder and CEO of responsiveX, a Windows Azure MVP, and a regular speaker at national conferences, regional code camps and local user groups. He is so passionate about apps and cloud services that he founded responsiveX, a management and technology consultancy that helps customers create great web, mobile and client experiences, and these apps are often powered by cloud services. Eric launched his technology career almost two decades ago with a web development startup and has served in multiple roles since, including developer, consultant, technology executive and business owner. Keep up with Eric on his blog and on Twitter.

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About Chicago .NET Developers (Downtown) Group:

The Chicago .NET Developers (Downtown) Group is focused on educating and assisting downtown Chicago developers with the latest Microsoft Technologies. The group meets monthly on the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month and presents on topics related to all aspects of development, including web, desktop and cloud, as well as architectural design and application development frameworks.  To learn more, visit  You can follow Chicago .NET Developers (Downtown) Group on Twitter at and Facebook at