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From Full-time to IT Consulting
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Sometimes you just need a change at work. Do you find yourself scanning job openings and consulting projects at every chance you get? With the numerous well paid and often high-profile contracting opportunities out there for tech professionals, it can be very tempting to leave a full-time role behind and go contract. But, it’s important to consid ...
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Negotiation: An Employer’s Perspective
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“How to negotiate a job offer.” It’s highly probable that sometime during your job search you’ve Googled these words. Luckily, a plethora of online advice exists for the job seeker – how to, when to, even what specific words to use. However, many of these articles fail to discuss the employer’s perspective on negotiation. Does an employ ...
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What Equal Pay Legislation Means for You
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Last week, President Obama signed into law an executive order which is an attempt to level the playing field in relation to the gender gap in compensation. Citing Census Bureau figures (pdf) showing that women who work full-time earn 77% of what men earned in 2012, the directive, titled Expanding Opportunity for All, prohibits retaliation against f ...
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