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Preparing for a Job Interview: Understanding Off-Limits Questions
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Being well prepared for a job interview means doing your homework on the potential questions an interviewer may ask about your background, your skill set and what you have to offer. But, what do you do if the interview questions stray off course into personal territory? ...
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Another Point Of View: Seeing the Job Search from the Other Side
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While most of us have experienced the job search from a job seeker’s perspective, many of us have not had the experience of being a hiring manager. So, without experiencing both sides, how are you – as either a job seeker or an employer – to understand the mindset and frustrations of the other party? ...
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Five Tips for Writing a Stellar Thank You Note
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As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, the art of giving thanks should not be lost on the job seeker. Sending a thank you note after an interview can mean the difference between landing your dream job and going back to square one. Research conducted by The Ladders found that 75% of hiring managers say a thank you note impacts their decisio ...
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An Interviewer’s Checklist: Essential To-Dos Before Walking In The Door
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The big interview is tomorrow. You’ve done all the standard interview preparation – tirelessly researched the company, practiced answering typical interview questions, role-played an interview with a friend, and have rehearsed succinct answers to interview questions. ...
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Keep It Short and Simple: Providing Succinct Responses to Interview Questions
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It’s no secret that searching for a job can be stressful. During the anxiety-inducing interview process, nerves can get the best of many candidates, causing some interviewees to ramble on…and on…and on. ...
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How many interviews is too many? Finding the sweet spot for the interview process.
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Would you marry someone after the first date? Probably not. However, ten years into dating seems a bit excessive, right? Just like in the dating world, many employers struggle with finding the sweet spot in the interview process. When do you know a candidate is right for your organization? Too few interviews may not give your organization enough ti ...
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