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Summer Job Searches: Wasteful or Worthwhile?
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August is here and an eerie quiet across Chicago, in your neighborhood or workplace, will confirm it. It may be serious vacation season, but is it time to take a vacation from job searching? Many professionals ask me this question as they enjoy the lighter workloads and shorter work hours that mid and late summer sometimes offers. ...
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Summer Reading List for Business and Tech Professionals
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As many of us prepare for vacations this summer, much of this travel time may be spent waiting in the airport or sitting in the car watching the miles speed by. What better time to catch up on the latest business- and industry-related news than during those long travel hours? Take advantage of your travel “down” time to brush up on what’s hap ...
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Why Your Job Search Shouldn’t Take a Summer Vacation
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After a particularly brutal winter, summer’s warm days and balmy nights are finally here. During the summer months, the office environment tends to move a bit slower as more people are out on vacation. However, for the job seeker, summer is a vital time. Because there tends to be less competition in the job market as many people are kicking up th ...
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