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Summer Job Searches: Wasteful or Worthwhile?
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August is here and an eerie quiet across Chicago, in your neighborhood or workplace, will confirm it. It may be serious vacation season, but is it time to take a vacation from job searching? Many professionals ask me this question as they enjoy the lighter workloads and shorter work hours that mid and late summer sometimes offers. ...
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What Online Dating and Finding a Mentor Have in Common
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Searching for the right fit in both business and personal relationships can be a challenge. Nowadays, many singles look to online dating as a preferred first step towards a romantic partnership. Photos and profiles of potential matches can be reviewed prior to a first date, allowing users to pre-determine who could be their Mr. or Miss Right. ...
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The ABCs of Job Hunting (Part 2)
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In this second installment of our alphabetical tips for your job search, we focus on additional advice for the job seeker. ...
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The ABCs of Job Hunting (Part 1)
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In today’s competitive market, the job hunt can be overwhelming. From creating a cover letter and resume to preparing, interviewing and follow-up, there is much to consider when searching for your next career. In this two-part blog post, we’ll discuss alphabetical tips to help as you embark on your job search. ...
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