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Not All Recruiters Are Created Equal: Five Tips for Working with a Recruiter
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I’ve found that many job seekers tend to view recruiters as an unfortunate necessity in the job hunt – regarding them as flaky and unresponsive cogs who don’t truly understand the client or what they are seeking. And, while there are certainly recruiters out there who fit this bill, there are just as many who are quite skilled and professiona ...
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Nightmare in the Conference Room: Recruiter Horror Stories
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The job search process can be scary territory to navigate. From the anxiety-inducing interview process to waiting on pins and needles for an offer, there is much to fear when immersed in a job search. While many job-seekers may think working with a recruiter is a frightening process, the same is sometimes true for recruiters working with unpredicta ...
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Meet the Team: Brandy Todd
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In our second installment of “Meet the Team” at McCann Partners, we introduce you to our amazing Vice President of Business Development, Brandy Todd. With 15 years of IT recruiting and business development experience, Brandy has an acute understanding of the challenges and obstacles facing businesses today. She works with our clients to dete ...
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