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Attention .NET Professionals: 15 Folks to Follow on Twitter
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Here in Chicago, we take a few things very seriously – our hot dogs, our sports teams, and of course – our pizza. We are also seriously committed to innovation. With innovation hubs like 1871 and Chicago Innovation Exchange popping up around the city, it is clear we are focused on attracting new talent in a variety of industries. In a city so o ...
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SPOILER ALERT: We are in HOT pursuit of the best tech talent around!
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The IT industry is growing, thriving, and expanding at rapid rates – a fact that is neither a surprise to hiring executives nor mysterious to the industry. With each passing year, IT skills that were once valued by employers and even coveted by recruiters seem to fade away while a new set captures the spotlight. ...
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Be a New Year’s SMART-Y Pants
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So, how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you’re one of the 47% of Americans who make resolutions, they might have already gone by the wayside. After all, statistics show that by the end of January, one out of every three people have already given up on their New Year’s resolution. So, while making a resolution is a good first ...
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.NET Engineers Rock: A Playlist for Your New Career at Echo Global Logistics
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It is no secret that 2014 was a phenomenal year of growth, success, and progress for Echo Global Logistics. In fact, in the last 12 months, everything at Echo has been on the up and up. Revenue, profits, share price, retention, and hiring have all been on a steep incline—and that’s just to name a few! ...
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Have You Made Your Staffing Resolutions for 2015?
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As we embark on this New Year, many people are making career-related resolutions. Is your company in the best position to attract new talent in 2015? While it may be difficult to foresee every hiring opportunity you will have this coming year, formulating a staffing plan can be instrumental in knowing what kind of talent you need to achieve your bu ...
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Why Your Job Search Shouldn’t Take a Holiday Break
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It’s hard to believe that the Holidays and the start of a new year are right around the corner. During these upcoming weeks, the office environment tends to move a bit slower as more people leave to spend time with family and loved-ones. However, for the job seeker, these last few weeks of the year can be a vital time. Differentiate yourself from ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Job by the Job Description
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When I was a teenager learning to drive, my grandfather asked me a very important question. “What does it mean when you see a vehicle with its right turn signal on?” I laughed, thinking this was the easiest question in the world, and responded, “Well, that’s easy. It means the car is going to turn right.” My grandfather replied, “No—t ...
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The WOW Factor: Insights from Women of Orbitz Worldwide’s Panel on Mentoring
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Last month, I had the privilege of joining Women of Orbitz Worldwide, known as WOW—and, wow, is right! The group focuses on supporting and promoting women, coupled with a commitment to create opportunities for Orbitz employees to share their career journeys with fellow colleagues. With that in mind, WOW organized an engaging panel presentation ti ...
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