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Celebrating Three Years
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As we approach McCann Partners’ third anniversary this week, I reflect not only upon our company’s successes, but also upon the many people who have helped us along in this journey. I feel so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful support network of friends, clients, colleagues, and partners – all of whom have helped me along over the past th ...
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Negotiation: An Employer’s Perspective
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“How to negotiate a job offer.” It’s highly probable that sometime during your job search you’ve Googled these words. Luckily, a plethora of online advice exists for the job seeker – how to, when to, even what specific words to use. However, many of these articles fail to discuss the employer’s perspective on negotiation. Does an employ ...
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How many interviews is too many? Finding the sweet spot for the interview process.
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Would you marry someone after the first date? Probably not. However, ten years into dating seems a bit excessive, right? Just like in the dating world, many employers struggle with finding the sweet spot in the interview process. When do you know a candidate is right for your organization? Too few interviews may not give your organization enough ti ...
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Prepare for the Interview or BUST!
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The interview is one of – if not the most important step in the job search process. If you are in the job market, you understand (I hope) the importance of interview preparation. However, many job seekers get lazy about interview preparation and, in-turn, end up sabotaging themselves and their careers by not being fully prepared. ...
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Why Bother with a Reference Check?
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A lot of time goes into the recruiting process – from finding candidates, to scrutinizing resumes, to conducting multiple interviews, etc. However, some companies are still skeptical about checking references for well-vetted candidates. After all, references provided by the candidate are intrinsically biased, so why even bother calling? ...
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Job Seekers, Start Your Engines!
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You wouldn’t start a marathon without stretching your muscles, just like you wouldn’t begin the Indianapolis 500 without warming up your car. However, many job seekers accelerate into the job hunt before they’ve even considered (or conducted) an important initial investment in the process—self-assessment. ...
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Dos and Don’ts of Utilizing Social Media in the Job Hunt
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For some time now, saavy recruiters have been using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn not only as recruiting tools, but also to learn more about the candidate outside the confines of the resume. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 37% of employers are screening potential candidates using social media sites. When you segment ...
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What Equal Pay Legislation Means for You
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Last week, President Obama signed into law an executive order which is an attempt to level the playing field in relation to the gender gap in compensation. Citing Census Bureau figures (pdf) showing that women who work full-time earn 77% of what men earned in 2012, the directive, titled Expanding Opportunity for All, prohibits retaliation against f ...
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