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#4TechDiversity Explores Managerial Courage & Why Nerve Matters
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Some jobs require “nerves of steel.” Jobs that place you on the front lines of life and death—surgeons, fighter pilots, mountain rescue workers, firefighters, police officers, etc.—are not for the faint of heart. In fact, the calm bravery needed for such jobs sometimes made me a bit cynical of the term “managerial courage.” Courage to m ...
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#4TechDiversity Spotlight: Shradha Agarwal, President & Co-Founder, ContextMedia
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#4TechDiversity blog series spotlights tech entrepreneur Shradha Agarwal. Named a Champion of Change by the White House and the 2015 Prominent Woman in Tech by the Illinois Technology Association, Shradha is the co-founder of ContextMedia, a health information services company. ...
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Tech Networking in Chicago
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Growth in online networking and high demand for tech talent beyond the borders of IT mean that incorporating both digital and in-person engagement into your professional outreach is the best way to build a career network that will take you places. ...
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Your Social Profile Is Talking.
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Never before has it been easier for those of us on the recruiting side—employers, hiring managers, recruiters, etc.—to get the skinny on those of you on the job seeking side. Social media and all the sharing, tweeting, tagging, posting and tumbling that occurs online have created digital portfolios that employers and recruiters can easily acces ...
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