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Not All Recruiters Are Created Equal: Five Tips for Working with a Recruiter
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I’ve found that many job seekers tend to view recruiters as an unfortunate necessity in the job hunt – regarding them as flaky and unresponsive cogs who don’t truly understand the client or what they are seeking. And, while there are certainly recruiters out there who fit this bill, there are just as many who are quite skilled and professiona ...
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Summer Reading List for Business and Tech Professionals
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As many of us prepare for vacations this summer, much of this travel time may be spent waiting in the airport or sitting in the car watching the miles speed by. What better time to catch up on the latest business- and industry-related news than during those long travel hours? Take advantage of your travel “down” time to brush up on what’s hap ...
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Weighing the Pros and Cons: How to Decide Between Two Job Offers
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I recently received a call from a professional colleague who was seeking some advice. She had been offered not one job – but two – and was having difficulty deciding between the two opportunities. It’s great to feel wanted when multiple offers are tendered. However, I advised her that just because she received these offers, it doesn’t mean ...
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Another Point Of View: Seeing the Job Search from the Other Side
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While most of us have experienced the job search from a job seeker’s perspective, many of us have not had the experience of being a hiring manager. So, without experiencing both sides, how are you – as either a job seeker or an employer – to understand the mindset and frustrations of the other party? ...
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How to Address a Medical Condition in the Job Search
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I recently was working with a candidate who was evaluating a new job opportunity. The position itself seemed great and the salary was in line with his expectations. However, he had not yet reviewed the company’s medical coverage. Medical benefits were of particular importance to him because his daughter has a medical condition which requires freq ...
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Hiring Manager Pet Peeves: 6 Mistakes to Avoid
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Whether its candidates arriving late for interviews, failing to do adequate research prior to an interview, or having their cell phone ring in the middle of a meeting – there are many fatal errors that job seekers make, which can grate the nerves of experienced recruiters and hiring managers alike. As a recruiter with over 20 years of experience, ...
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