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Mixing Up Your Career Path

Date: August 23, 2017 Author: Megan McCann Category: Career Advice Job Search Job Seekers Tags: , , Comments: 0

Do you think about mixing up your career path? Even people who truly love the work they do get caught in a period of wanting a change; to mix up the day-to-day, upend their career path or just think about where a different job could take them.

As the founder of my own business, where I am passionate day-in and day-out about connecting top tech talent with the organizations that need their skill sets, my mind sometimes wanders down the path of “what might be next,” particularly as it relates to the personal impact I am making on my career journey.

A new interactive graphic that originally appeared in the New York Times can get you in the same mind-wandering mindset. Using Labor Department data, the tool generates results for your “opposite job,” so you can see in the click of a button how to do a possible 180 in your career. Have a little fun and check out your opposite career. Even if you stay put in your desk or role, it’s always helpful, and sometimes inspiring, to think about what *could be* next.

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Megan McCann is an established IT recruitment leader in Greater Chicago who developed a unique, collaborative approach to IT solutions and talent services. Megan and her team integrate themselves fully with each client to truly understand the company, its culture and its needs. By focusing on matching the proper consultant to the right opportunity and establishing a strong cultural fit, Megan and her team drive incredible results for her clients.